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Knuckles Wash Dark Spot Remover

From 2,500.00
Whitening Exfoliating Serum. is a product designed to even the most stubborn black spots. Very effective for stubborn knuckles. Best used with cotton tips to apply directly on affected parts.


From 2,000.00
Ideal for stubborn body spots, aged spots and skin that do not lighten easily. Can be added to soap, cream and oil formulations, Ideal for long term use without any adverse effects. Avoid using on the face. Also note it cannot be applied directly on skin.

Shenic Perfect Legs

Gives maximum result within 72 hours. This skin repairing oil is a concealing and brightening leg care that helps solve common skin problems. This skin solution helps conceal dark spots as well as protruding Varicose Veins, Blue Veins, Stretch Mark, Scars and Redness. It is very gentle on the skin. Apply twice a day for better results.